Anne Patterson, BArch, DipArch

School of Architecture & Design - Architecture
Primary office:
Marvin Hall, 411
University of Kansas
1465 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045


Born in England and Schooled in Scotland, I live in Lawrence, Kansas where I teach Beginning Design at the University of Kansas School of Architecture. I love my job: opening minds and unlocking the creative potential of students. Beyond that, I am a woman with many interests: Architectural drawing, Hats, Cake decorating, Topiary, Tailoring, Watercolors, Theater Design, Cartography, Gardening, Pianos, Cooking, Soccer, Paper sculpture, Costume Design, Sacred Places, Landscapes, Meat pies, Pop-up models, Magnolia trees, Children's drawings, Dark Beers, Edges, Architecture, and Making memories.



Teaching beginning design students how to see is what I do here at the University of Kansas. teaching students to think creatively and to take risks so that they might be able to innovate. I am also an advocate of drawing as a way to record, explore, describe, abstract, interpret and imagine ideas and realities.

Teaching Interests

  • Beginning Design
  • Analytical Freehand Drawing
  • Visual Thinking


Hybrid Drawing, Paper sculpture, Theater Design, Watercolor, Illustration

Selected Work

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Marvin Hall, Room 200
1465 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045