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Dotte Agency 


About the Dotte Agency 

DOTTE AGENCY is a multi-disciplinary design collaborative engaging neighborhoods to shape the built environment in order to improve public health. Our group:

  • gives agency to citizens through our creative processes,
  • makes connections in the community – conceptual and organizational,
  • makes problems tangible,
  • promotes design as a useful and important component in community problem-solving.

Collaborative Partners 

Dotte Agency wouldn't be able to do its work without  our partnering organizations, who have each generously provided their time and/or resources to help make this collaboration possible. 

Community Housing of Wyandotte County
Community Health Council of Wyandotte County
Central Avenue Betterment Association 
The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
The Wyandotte Health Foundation
Healthy Communities Wyandotte
Latino Health for All Coalition
NBC Community Development Corporation
- KU Work Group for Community Health and Development
KU Center for Civic and Social Responsibility
KU Hall Center for the Humanities
KU Endowment Association
KU Center for Research
KU School of Architecture and Design


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