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Letter Press Lab 

Location - 324 Chalmers Hall

Primary Contact: Linda Talleur, 785-864-4469, ltalleur@ku.edu

Accessibility and Limitations on Use: Letterpress meets Friday from 8:30-12:20. Students have access to the Lab as needed.

Hours:  Open upon request

Services Available: No services are provided.

Appointment Required: No.

Training Required: Yes

Available Equipment:

            -Vandercook Universal III Power Test Presses serial #28199 & 29322 (2 available)

            -Vandercooke No. 4 serial #10516

            -Vandercooke T4 serial #13443

            -Vandercook 1 Proof Press serial #1672

            -Chandler and Price manual-treadle platen press

            -Golding Pearl manual-treadle platen press

            -18 x 35” hand-operated proof press

            -16 x 27” poster press (on loan from Andrea Herstowski)

            -Hacker Plate Guage model 6 serial #21-256

            -30 x 40” Kutrimmer precision cutter

            -WSL Resin Platemaking Machine serial #3-15-14-02

            -24 24-drawer banks of type

            -16-drawer bank of wood type and misc

            -12-drawer oversized bank wood type

            -2 100-galley galley racks, 3 furniture cabinets

            -5 Boxcar bases 9” x 12”

            -3 Boxcar bases 9” x 6”

            -1 deep relief Boxcar base 4.5 x 7.5”​

            -2 Patmag magnetic plate bases 12 x 16”

            -2 Drying Racks, one 32x23”, one 35x27”

Rules on Usage: Access to the letterpress lab is a privilege and will be denied if the rules are not followed. The studio should be left in order when you leave. Failure to maintain the facility in the best condition will result in denial of access to the lab when the instructor is not present.

  • No cell phones, ear buds or earphones are allowed in the pressroom (324).
  • No food is allowed in the pressroom. Drinks must have spill-proof lids.
  • No sandals, flip-flops, etc. only shoes with closed toes. Wear comfortable shoes, you may be standing for a long time.
  • Tie back long hair; remove scarves, roll-up long sleeves. Wear appropriate attire. The products and equipment in the letterpress shop were intended for an industrial setting.
  • Drinks with spill-proof lids may be consumed in the pressroom. Mark your cup/bottle with your initials and dispose of it properly before leaving.
  • Clean up your mess. Put away your furniture, spacing material, proofing papers, inks, palette knives, etc.
  • First aid supplies are under the sink. 

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