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Master of Architecture (Track III)

The Masters of Architecture is an NAAB-accredited professional degree program and is an essential aspect of preparing for the professional practice of architecture. Graduate students who complete a recognized internship program (such as the Intern Development Program) and successfully complete the Architectural Registration Examination are able to become licensed architects.

Track III is designed for students entering with a baccalaureate degree in a field outside of architecture. Students who have successfully completed coursework in an approved NAAB curriculum (i.e. a 4+2 program) may petition for advanced standing. Evidence of completed coursework will be evaluated using the minimum standards for satisfactory progress for graduate study at KU, curricular standards established by NAAB, and procedures approved by the architecture program.

The curriculum is designed to take advantage of the students’ baccalaureate foundation and preparation for advanced study by moving at an accelerated pace. It includes two required summer sessions with the purpose of having students complete a comprehensive studio prior to the commencement of their final academic year. This accelerated pace opens up the final year of the curriculum for students to pursue a professional option of their choice. This experience allows students to craft an area of specialization or a domain of architecture that may otherwise be addressed superficially within a professional curriculum. Currently students are investigating design-build processes, researching sustainable design practices, pursuing healthcare and urban design as areas of specialization and engaging in service-learning opportunities around the globe.

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