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Thank you for your interest in helping the School of Architecture & Design further realize its collective vision to be “The Pioneering Force for Global Impact through Design.” We deeply appreciate the support alumni and friends provide Arc/D. If you would like to get involved, consider participating in a studio, mentoring a student, providing an internship, and/or making a financial contribution. Gifts can be designated to support a variety of areas, including but not limited to students, faculty, a particular program, research, or facilities. 

To explore ways you can help, visit www.kuendowment.org/arcd or contact Lindsay Hummer, Development Director at KU Endowment (785.832.7428 or lhummer@kuendowment.org)

2018 Arc/D Alumni Awards 

Requesting 2018 Jayhawk Arc/D Nominations! Take the opportunity to celebrate the exceptional contributions of your Arc/D classmate, professor or fellow alumni who has made a significant mark! Let’s recognize them this October! Nominate them TODAY! For more information, click on the image below: 

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